2017 Saddlebred Shows & Important Dates

2017 Saddlebred Society of SA Calendar


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Veterinary Treatment Forms:
Please use only the prescribed required Veterinary Treatment Forms as published on the webpage, for any treatment of any horse up to 21 days before the show, or during the show. It is advisable to have some printed before hand and kept in stock, for any emergency or need for treatment to supply this prescribed Veterinary Form to the/your Veterinarian.

Clause 31: Prohibited Substances Rules:
"At Regional Shows it remains the duty of the accountable person to submit any Veterinary Treatment Form to the Horse Show office, as well as a copy to the Sub Union Committee. The Sub Union Committee will then sign and confirm the Veterinary Certificate in terms of paragraph 5, confirming the detection time within the limits required, (after having consulted with the Veterinarian or a Veterinarian regarding the detection time) and granting permission that the horse is/will be able to compete in a specific class/show."

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